turning and carving

Turning & Carving

Turning blanks are available in thicknesses of 50-100 mm and widths up to 500 mm in species such as camphor laurel, silky oak, jacaranda, and NG rosewood, and occasionally in other species. As you can appreciate, thicker sections require long periods of time to season, adding to the cost. An approach commonly used by some wood turners is to ‘three-quarters’ turn green unseasoned timber, then carefully allow these roughed-out sections to season before finishing their work. Ask what we have on hand.

For the wood carvers amongst us, we have blocks of timber of various sizes to suit the spoon carver up to the life size sculptor. Common species include white beech, Australian rosewood, jacaranda, coachwood, NG rosewood, Qld Leichhardt, and red cedar. Ask what is available.