Musical Instrument Timbers

Korora Timbers now stocks a range of tonewoods suitable for acoustic and electric guitars as well as other instruments. For acoustic guitars, “back and sides” are available in Honduran mahogany, red cedar, Australian rosewood, blackheart sassafrass, Huon pine, and camphor laurel. Soundboards are available in bunya pine or any of these species if desired.

For electric guitars, bodies are available in single or two-piece blanks in Honduran mahogany, red cedar, camphor laurel, Australian rosewood, bunya pine, silky oak, and others. Highly figured caps are often available in a wide variety of species. Ask about what we have available.
Necks are available in quarter-sawn blackwood, Honduran mahogany, and NG rosewood, and fretboards are available in Macasar ebony, blackwood, and Hawaiian koa.