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About Us

After operating at a hobby level for nearly a decade, Korora Specialist Timbers commenced operations as a full business in 2018 in the suburb of Korora, Coffs Harbour, NSW. Here, it operated for 2 years before moving to west Brisbane in 2019, where it has operated since.

Our main business is selling timber to hobbyists, renovators, builders, luthiers, and all manner of craftspeople. Our workshop is usually fully occupied, breaking larger sections of timber down into sections suitable for box makers, musical instrument makers, wood turners and carvers, or dressing slabs and boards. Although woodwork was once a major focus, now it is secondary to preparing timber for sale. Having said that, there is almost always a table being built slowly in the background.
Korora Timbers operates off-grid and is 90% powered by solar energy, something we are proud of. Only on heavily overcast days is the generator started nowadays. We hope you can forgive the clutter and enjoy the personalised service offered.

Experienced & Reliable

We offer specialist timber supplies, timber dressing services, and mobile sawmilling in Brisbane. You can rely on Korora Specialist Timbers, whether you are turning a bowl, building a door, a jewellery box, or a conference table.


Sustainability Matters

At Korora Timbers, most of our timber comes from salvaged logs, which are milled here on-site. These logs come from development sites, tree loppers, and storm-fallen trees. These trees would otherwise be chipped and largely wasted. We are also proud that our workshop runs on solar power.

We Truly Care

Korora Specialist Timbers is a small business that offers personalised service. As the owner, I am personally involved in each job and can guarantee a high standard of workmanship every time.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and offer replacement or refund in the unlikely event of something going wrong.