species stocked

Species Stocked

Korora Specialist Timbers is mainly a stockist of Australian native timbers, although there are some exceptions, notably New Guinea rosewood, which is imported from our neighbors in PNG and Solomon Islands, and exotic species that have grown in Australia, such as English elm, Tipuana, jacaranda, camphor laurel, Honduran mahogany, leopard tree, and others.

We stock many of the common eucalypt hardwoods such as redgum, spotted gum, blackbutt, tallowwood, Sydney bluegum, cadaghi, bloodwood, and rosegum. We also stock many of the common non-eucalypt hardwoods such as silky oak, blackwood, Qld maple, river and rose sheoak, red cedar, Australian rosewood, Crow’s ash, coachwood, and others. We also stock some of our native softwoods, such as hoop and bunya pines.