Timber slabs in Coffs Harbour - natural or straight edge

Raw and earthy

There is something about a natural or 'live' edge to your furniture. It reminds us where this beautiful timber comes from, and gets away from the refined and processed look of straight edges. Of course

What we stock

We stock a variety of timber slabs in Coffs Harbour from local species.  The main ones include red cedar, camphor laurel, forest redgum, hoop pine, silky oak, and blackbutt, although occasionally we get unusual ones like Himalayan cedar, rosewood, crows ash, bloodwood, white cedar and mango

Slab dressing service

If you want to spend three days on a belt sander dressing your slab, I respect your enthusiasm, but if you would like to do it the easy way we can flatten, thickness and sand your slab in an hour or so - on a slabmaster machine.

Joinery service

If you need a wide tabletop and cannot find a slab big enough, we can professionally join two slabs to meet your needs

Big is beautiful

Our biggest slabs are 6m long, and 1m wide. Please enquire if your needs are particularly big. We will help if we can