About Us


A new business

Hi, my name is Ken Cowden, and I am the owner of Korora Specialist Timbers. Although I have operated as a hobby business for a number of years, I have only now decided to go full-time as a small business, officially opening the doors on June 14, 2018.  From little things, big things grow as they say, although I never intend to get too 'big'. I want to preserve the personalised service I offer to woodworkers, and to keep pricing competitive.


What we offer

We offer a diverse range of timber products and services to suit the hobby woodworker.  We are small but pride ourselves on the range we offer, and are constantly trying to expand our offering.  If we don't have what you are looking for we have a network of timber contacts and will try to source from elsewhere. We will also pay good prices for your logs if you have fallen trees or are clearing.


Sustainable sources

At Korora Specialist Timbers we care about the environment. We source as much timber as possible through salvage. We work with landcare groups, tree loppers, council and forestry to salvage as much good timber as possible. We recognise that, while timber is a renewable resource, having a sustainable industry into the future relies on new planting. We are now investigating options to do this with landcare groups.