Mobile sawmilling in Coffs Harbour

Bloodwood log free of gum veins

Lucas 25-8

Fully mobile sawmilling in Coffs Harbour. Easily transported on a custom trailer, my trusty Lucas 25-8 has a circular swing blade AND slabbing attachment, allowing cutting dimension timber up to 200 x 200mm, and slabs up to 1.5m width and 8m long.

Alaskan mill

When there is no vehicle access to a log, or the terrain does not permit the Lucas to be used, I can use a portable Alaskan mill, which uses a Stihl 084 chainsaw and and 120cm bar, allowing logs of over 1m diameter to be slabbed.

'Tippa' likes to be close to the action.
'Tippa' likes to be close to the action.